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Obiage & Obijime Restock

This week our restock includes a selection of kimono dressing accessories that make wonderful additions to any kimono collection and outfit. How better to quickly, easily, and in a very affordable manner to update your favorite kimono coordination than with some new accessories such as obiage, and obijime?

What are obijime? obijime serves as both a functional and decorative accent worn atop of women's obi. Most often they are worn with nagoya, fukuro, and maru obi but can also be worn with hanhaba obi. Functionally, it helps to keep the obi securely in place. Decoratively, it adds a pop of color and enhances the overall elegance of the kimono ensemble. Obijime can be tied and displayed in an endless variety of knots and styles. Obijime can be made from wide variety of materials such as silk, and even leather.

As for the obiage they are another kimono accessory used in traditional Japanese attire, particularly with the kimono and obi. Like the obijime, the obiage can be made from silk as well as a wide variety of materials, and serves both a functional and decorative purpose. They are used to neatly hide a makura when worn with women's obi. Makura are most often used with nagoya, fukuro, and maru obi.

Be certain to check out our yukata, and juban as well for various other restocks!


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