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Obon Festival - Photos & Review!

This past weekend the first-ever Obon Festival was hosted in Dublin, Ohio. This traditional festival is best understood as the Japanese Day Of The Dead, and it is a time of merriment and reflection. This yearly event is hosted around mid-August, during which it is believed that the beloved ancestors of attendees return and celebrate the festival alongside the festival-goers. customary to this festival are altar offerings to one's ancestors, prayers, and best of all great food and dancing. This is also a great time to grab your favorite to kimono or yukata and wear it out! This past weekend we were excited to attend the first-ever Obon Festival ever hosted in Dublin, Ohio right outside of Columbus, Ohio. This event was completely free to the public, and offered a wonderful selection of taiko music performed by different groups, food, some children's games, and even some traditional dancing. If you are looking for a chance to take in some great Japanese culture right here in Ohio we highly recommend attending the 2022 Obon Festival!

Here are a handful of photos we took while at the festival! There was a great selection of people wearing yukata at the festival, and it was a pleasure to be able to admire all the different styles in which obi were tied. Even better, we got a chance to hang out with some of our favorite customers!


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