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Ohio Kimono @ Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne, Indiana

Want to shop for kimono in person? This is your perfect chance! Our LARGEST shopping event of the year is only 1 week away! For one day only we will be at the Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne Indiana with our single largest booth of the year. Even better, admission to this festival is FREE. We will have with us hundreds of ready to wear authentic kimono, haori, obi, and more.

This is our single largest kimono booth we bring to any show, and highly recommend it as the perfect chance to shop for a kimono in person. For the best possible kimono selection, we highly recommend arriving early, because the lines at this festival can get long, and most of our kimono are 1 of a kind unique. So once a kimono has sold, we won't have any others like it.

Our range of kimono going to this show includes a full range of formal kimono such as kurotomesode and furisode to informal kimono such as matsuri worthy yukata! With the purchase of a kimono outfit at the festival, we will be happy to dress you as well!

Here is a map of the all new location for the Cherry Blossom Festival this year, which has grown to a new larger location! Even better this ears event has longer hours, and runs from noon to 6pm.

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