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Ohio Kimono @ Cherry Blossom Festival Fort Wayne, Indiana - THIS WEEKEND!

The amazing Cherry Blossom Festival hosted in Fort Wayne, Indiana is back! This massive one day only event is a regional favorite and is beloved for being among the largest Japanese festivals in the whole region! With admission being FREE and street parking being FREE, this is a perfect chance to shop LIVE with Ohio Kimono! We will be hosting our EXTRA LARGE booth at this annual festival, and can not wait to see everyone! True to the style of a Japanese festival, we will have lots of vintage yukata ready to go with a great lineup of hanhaba obi! We usually have around 400+ unique kimono, obi, haori, and more at this event!

So if you have been waiting to shop with us in person, now is your chance!

Date: May 15, 2022 Festival Site: Location: Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana Admission: FREE

WARNING: Due to how OVERWHELMINGLY popular our booth is, we only offer kimono dressing for NEW customer kimono purchases. At previous Cherry Blossom Festivals, our wait line for dressing was 1+ hour long, and we need to focus on new customers. If you are uncertain about dressing yourself beforehand, or at the festival head over to youtube for lots of helpful tutorials on how to wear a Japanese kimono. Feel free to email us or contact on social media for dressing tutorial videos in English or Japanese.


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