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Ohio Kimono: Customer Photo Highlights

In the past few weeks, a number of our customers have shared with us great photos! Perhaps it's just the arrival of spring, but the kimono bug has bitten many of our customers and we are loving the kimono photos being shared with us by our customers. We make it a point to share photos of our customers on the Ohio Kimono Facebook page and Ohio Kimono Instagram account, and we think it is long overdue to do a blog post featuring the recent photos sent our way. One of the best ways to send a photo our way is on social media by tagging us, or using #OhioKimono in your post. We also accept customer photos to be emailed to us directly. Regardless of how you enjoy and wear your Japanese kimono, we would love to see what you do. Traditional kimono styles, to modern trendy alternative kimono styles, are all of interest to us.

With that in mind, let's check out some of our latest customer photos! Starting us off will be Traeonna wearing an edo komon with one of our delightful cat hanhaba obi. Traeonna is located in Ohio, and is studying to become a professional kimono dressing instructor - . Traeonna will be attending our open house shopping event this June, and is offering private kimono dressing lessons at it.

Many of our customers wear their authentic kimono in non-traditional ways as well, and most popular among those styles are original wa-lolita styles. The wa-lolita movement began in Japan by using vintage Japanese kimono and blending them into lolita styles. Wearing your kimono in a wa-lolita style will not damage our traditional kimono, and is a fun alternative style.

In the past 90 days there have been many great customer photos added to social media, and sent our way that it is hard to pick just which ones to feature the most. With that in mind we have a small gallery that you can browse through to check out some of our customer's photos. From traditional Japanese kimono to modern blends there are many ways in which you can wear kimono.

Happy spring, and happy kimono shopping.


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