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Ohio Kimono - Restock Dec 18, 2020

This week's restock brings a wide variety of in-demand items to our kimono store. Haori, michiyuki, juban, and more were restocked with many more in the works. The final Holiday shopping count down is here, and this is your chance to do last-second gift shopping for someone or even a treat for yourself. Included in the line up of our restock are some really unique items such as this knit cardigan style dochiugi, and a nice selection of cotton juban. Cotton juban are lovely for the spring, as they add some warmth, but are still lightweight.

Remember that ALL shipping services are suffering delays due to covid, and the holiday shipping rush which is breaking records for how many packages are being sent in the mail this year. So if you are gift shopping for kimono, be certain to order early to allow for time for your package to arrive.

Next week's restock of our kimono stock will feature another great selection of haori, juban, and authentic Japanese kimono.


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