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Ohio Kimono - Restock Jan 6th, 2021

Welcome to the preview of our first kimono restock of the 2021 year! This week's restock is a bit of a catch-up game from the holiday weekend. With Christmas and the New Year behind us, we are working on catching up on shipping orders placed on or after Christmas Eve. We are also working hard at getting a fresh batch of stock on the site which includes a number of women's juban, vintage hanhaba obi, kimono, haori, and even a yukata or two.

Normally our weekly restock is around 20 or so kimono, obi, and so on. This week we are aiming for around 40 new listings on the site. If you follow Ohio Kimono on Facebook you will have seen some of our recent live stream unboxing videos. During those live unboxing videos on Facebook customers get early sneak peeks into upcoming stock and what is in our inventory. That said, there are some great new items coming to our kimono store soon and several already listed and sold.

Hanhaba obi got a nice restock of some unique vintage gems that will add a stylish touch to most collections. With spring and summer around the corner, hanhaba are the perfect way to spruce up your kimono collection. Hopefully, by the time summer arrives we can go back to outdoor festivals.

Even though summer and spring are not far off, we are still listing a nice selection of lined kimono and juban for the cooler weather. Unlined kimono are more ideal for wearing during warmer weather. Lined kimono are ideal for wearing in cool and cold weather. Our selection of authentic kimono are directly imported from Japan.

You can expect lots more updates this week. For those of you who placed orders during the holidays, we are shipping those orders shortly.


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