Ohio Kimono - Restock Nov 19, 2020

Black Friday is just around the corner so there is a hard push on our part to try and get the online store stocked and ready for our LARGEST online sale of the year! This week we have added over 45 new items to the site, with many more planned! Included in the latest additions to our Japanese kimono store is a delightful selection of vintage nagoya obi, vintage and new obijime, Japanese folding fans, and even a great selection of furoshiki which are elegant eco gift wrapping cloths that make for a wonderful holiday statement.

Our selection of gently used vintage Nagoya obi, in particular, was really low on the website, yet we had a great selection of them in the warehouse that just begged to be shared on the site. While our annual kimono Black Friday sale is coming us, we will remind you all that these items are typically 1 of a kind and once something sells out it's gone forever. So if you discover a delightful treasure in the recent restock, you may want to grab it before it is gone forever.

Among the obi restock designs are a rather curious and rather design, featuring a gazelle. There are a number of obi with waves, flowers, and other traditional designs as well that will compliment any kimono you would pair them with. Since obi require a selection of additional accessories to be worn, we also refreshed the obijime gallery.

Browse our latest additions to our kimono store: Nagoya Obi - Objime - Furoshiki - Japanese Fans

The obijime added to the site this week includes a selection that ranges from modern brand new in mint condition, to gently used vintage silks that will compliment retro to modern styles. The obijime added in this wave were those in more of the flat braid style. Rest assured there is in the works plans for a wave of round braid style obijime soon to follow.

Just in time for the holidays are a great selection of furoshiki. These items over the years have been popular for using to wrap gifts of all types: holidays, corporate, to birthdays. With tons of gift wrapping guides, online anyone can enjoy a furoshiki, and if you re holiday shopping for a kimono fan in your life these will make for a top-shelf presentation to wrap up your kimono-related gifts in.

Browse our latest additions to our Japanese kimono store: Nagoya Obi - Objime - Furoshiki - Japanese Fans

Browse our latest additions to our online kimono store: Nagoya Obi - Objime - Furoshiki - Japanese Fans

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Since 2009 we have been dedicated to sharing with others our passion for traditional kimono , haori , and kimono culture. Our main warehouse is located in Ohio, which means USA orders ship quickly and arrive in only a few business days. Much of our authentic stock comes from Kyoto, and Nagoya Japan. You can also visit our traveling Japanese kimono boutique in person.


We feel that Japanese kimono make an elegant statement that anyone can appreciate. The diverse selection of authentic silk kimono in stock are among the more prized textiles we offer, which make ideal gifts for wearing in a traditional manner, and also as opulent loungewear.

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