PLUS SIZE Yukata and more in Stock!

We listen to our customers and value your feedback. One of the single most common requests are for larger sizes. It's not enough for a kimono to simply be large, but it also needs to be authentic and hold up to traditional Japanese standards. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with a kimono maker located in Kyoto, Japan to import their authentic yukata, hanhaba obi, and more...IN LARGE SIZES!

This week we are excited to announce the first wave of Japanese plus-zie yukata have arrived from the factory in Kyoto, and are now for sale on our site! We have 3 different styles of real plus-size yukata in stock! In addition to the plus-size yukata, we have also imported a selection of LARGE hanhaba obi, and even some cat-themed yukata! These items are all brand new, modern made, from Kyoto Japan.

Check out our latest yukata: - orders $75+ get free USA shipping.

In addition to the yukata added to the site this week, we did a large restock of vintage and new hanhaba obi. Hanhaba obi are an informal obi type and are commonly worn with yukata. You can check out our selection of hanhaba obi here: It is our hope in the future to carry even larger plus-size kimono options, and we will do our best to explore as many high-quality kimono options as we can.

Have a great week, and be certain to stop and smell the sakura!

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Since 2009 we have been dedicated to sharing with others our passion for traditional kimono , haori , and kimono culture. Our main warehouse is located in Ohio, which means USA orders ship quickly and arrive in only a few business days. Many of our authentic kimono comes from Kyoto, and Nagoya Japan. You can also visit our traveling Japanese kimono boutique in person.

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