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Let’s Connect and do Radio Taiso together! June 6th, 2020!

~ Let’s Connect and do Radio Taiso together! ~       

In Japan, Radio Taiso is an important part of everyday life.       

What is Radio Taiso? It is a 3-minute exercise routine to instructions set to music, developed for a wide range of skills and ages.  Join us for this fun live online Zoom lesson! 

Date &Time: At 9 am (EDT) / 8 am (CST) on June 6th, Saturday    (Check-in starts at 8:45am (EDT)/ 7:45 am (CST)) 

Instructor: Ms. Arisa Oshimi / the Japan Radio Exercise League instructor for Radio Taiso and other physical exercises 

Space online is limited to 1,000 people, once registration is complete you will be sent your Zoom link

Special thanks - Sponsoring organizations:       

1- Japan America Society of Georgia(JASG)

2- Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati(JASGC)

3- Japan America Society of Michigan and Southwestern Ontario

4- Japanese American Service Committee(JASC)

5- Japanese Cultural Center(JCC)

6- The Japanese Arts Foundation(JAF)

7- Novi Public Library 8- Japan News Club

GEN-J (Grassroots Exchange Network-Japan) program


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