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Restock: Furisode & Yukata

We have been exceptionally busy as of late, and have been using our downtime while sick to do a lot of restocking administration work with our online Japanese kimono store! While we have done an extensive push to update and restock our entire selection of obi: nagoya, fukuro, heko, and hanhaba. We did so preparing to begin once more pushing to restock our authentic Japanese kimono selection on the site. For the summer festival season we have added several wonderful matsuri ready yukata. For the formal occasions in our lives, we have added a fine selection of ready to wear silk furisode.

Due to a show this weekend, we are under a shipping delay. At this point we have recovered from being ill with covid, but the timing of the show overlaps with our ability to begin working to catch up on orders. When we return from the show next we will be working hard to catch up on the back log of our online kimono orders and will be shipping everything out with haste. Thank you for your patience! We have many more beautiful real kimono in stock, all waiting to be added to our online store.

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