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Review: Akron Sakura Festival

Some of you may be wondering just where you can see an amazing selection of fully mature sakura in bloom while not having to travel to Japan. Lucky for you there are a wide variety of places throughout the world and the United States that are home to a spectacular selection of these trees. However, there are only a few places in the USA with large displays that the public can visit for one.

Let us fill you in on an amazing secret in Ohio: the Towpath Trail in Akron, Ohio. This trail is lined by over 400 fully mature cherry blossom trees, resulting in an impressive display anyone and can visit and enjoy for free. Right now the trees are in peak bloom, offering an elegant stroll alongside a historic canal in Ohio.

Though the Akron Sakura Festival is over for this year, it will be back next year. This festival is going to quickly become one of the best-kept secret festivals in the USA. With a selection of food vendors, hundreds of blooming sakura, free admission, and hands-on free activities for the whole family, it is easy to see why this gem of a festival is worth attending. But the real star of the show is the trees, so many beautiful blooming cherry blossom trees.

If you missed out on the festival this year, here is a small photo gallery to prepare you for the festival next year. Because you don't have to travel all the way to Washinton DC or Japan to enjoy a magical day among the blooming cherry blossom trees. You only need to head to Akron Ohio, and talk along the historic townpath trail to take in hundreds of them at no cost.

Check our our photo gallery of some of our favorite moments and highlights from this year's Festival.

Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Cherry Blossom Flowers

Costs: Low, very budget friendly.

Location: Towpath Trail in Akron, Ohio


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