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Sakura Season 2023 - Where To Go

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, are easily among the most iconic symbols of Japan's beauty and culture. Every year, people from all around the world flock to Japan to witness the beauty of the blooming sakura trees. The season usually begins in March and lasts until May, depending on the region. The best time to see sakura in full bloom is mid to late April. During this time, the trees are coated in pink and white flowers, creating a breathtaking view. Not only are the blooming sakura celebrated and observed in Japan, but also many are located in the United States.

Here are some locations in the United States To Consider Visiting This Sakura Season:

1. National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington D.C.

2. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City

3. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

4. Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles, California

5. Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon

6. University of Washington Quad, Seattle, Washington

7. Lake Balboa Park, Van Nuys, California

8. Branch Brook Park, Newark, New Jersey

9. High Park, Toronto, Canada (not in the U.S. but near by!)

10. Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois

11. Towpath Trail, Akron, Ohio 12. Fred Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids, Michigan

This year we will be attending and selling kimono at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fort Wayne Indiana, and in Akron, Ohio.

Cherry Blossom Season Is The Perfect Time To Wear Kimono

To fully experience the sakura season while in Japan, visitors are encouraged to wear yukata, a traditional Japanese garment worn during summer. Yukata is a perfect way to blend in with the locals and immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Many places rent out yukata for a day, and some even offer hair and makeup services to complete your Japanese look. Visitors can dress themselves in this kind of informal kimono, or even go to a kimono rental store where they can pick out their choice of yukata and be dressed by a licensed professional kimono dresser.

One of the most popular places to see sakura blooming in Japan is Ueno Park in Tokyo. This park is famous for its 1,200 cherry blossom trees, an impressive amount of trees that attract locals and visitors from around the world alike. The park hosts various events during the sakura season, including traditional food stalls, and musical performances. Another must-visit spot is the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto, a picturesque walkway lined with hundreds of sakura trees. It's the perfect place for a quiet stroll under the blossoms while wearing kimono.

For a more unique experience, head over to Hirosaki Castle in Aomori Prefecture. The castle's grounds are home to over 2,500 sakura trees, making it one of the most impressive sakura sightseeing destinations in Japan. During the sakura season, visitors and locals alike can also participate in hanami, which is a traditional Japanese picnic among and under the blooming sakura trees. It's a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery while indulging in an assortment of traditional food and drinks from various street vendors, and restaurants.

The culture and excitement for Japan's sakura season are well-earned and captivate the attention of people the world over. Wearing a yukata adds an extra layer of fun and authenticity to the experience. Whether you're in Tokyo or Kyoto, there are plenty of places to see sakura blooming while enjoying Japanese culture and tradition.

If traveling to Japan is not an option for someone, there are countless cherry blossom trees around the world with some impressive ones located in the USA. The United States is home to various famous gardens, many of which have become quite the tourist attraction on their own. Many of these destinations also are home to their own Cherry Blossom Festivals. Similar to the festivals taking place in Japan, the majority of the cherry blossom festivals will take place in the spring.


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