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Top 10 Kimono From 2022

As the year draws to a close, we like to look back at the various beautiful vintage, antique, and new kimono that have passed through our store and celebrate our favorites that were in stock. The selection of kimono from Japan we have in stock is ever-changing, and in most cases the kimono we offer are one of a kind. As a result, when one of our kimono sells, it is gone for good. This means we see an endless assortment of designs on kimono, in countless colors and combinations.

Presented in no special order, here is the selection of our favorite 10 Japanese kimono we sold on our site this year. The materials, styles, and sizing vary per kimono. Some of these kimono may still be in stock, and some of them may be sold out and gone forever. The compiled favorites list will also include a wide range of formalities of kimono, from yukata to furisode we have a fairly diverse line for 2022. When you look through this list, check and see if you happen to own one of our top picks for the year!

Top 10 Kimono Of 2022

Red & White Japanese Kimono - Taisho Era

Japanese Kimono

Black & Magenta Japanese Kimono - Snowflake Pattern

Japanese Kimono

White & Black Japanese Kimono - Stripes With Flowers

Japanese Kimono

Blue & Orange Furisode - Floral And Manji

Furisode Kimono

Kruotomesode - Hanging Wisteria


Teal & White Yukata - Owl & Moon

teal yukata

White & Midnight Blue Men's Yukata - Abstract

men's yukata

Black & White Japanese Kimono - Butterflies

japanese kimono

Royal Purple Iromuji - All Silk

purple iromuji

Purple & White Japanese Kimono - Shibori

shibori kimono

Honorable Mention Kimono

Pink & White Yukata - Rabbits

Since 2023 is the year of the Rabbit, we felt it is only suitable to include this adorable pink yukata into the favorites list as an honorable mention. White rabbits on women's kimono are highly sought after by collectors, and sell fast when we get them in stock. This adorable yukata is a prime example of why such kimono sell so quickly.

rabbit yukata


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