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Tutorial: Steaming Wrinkles Out Of Your Kimono & Haori

Wrinkles are a reality for all textiles, and they can really be an eyesore. All the same, wrinkles happen, and we all need a way to address them.

Some quick tips and thoughts about steaming your haori and kimono:

- Beware of any steamer that creates water drops, or leaves them on textiles. You do not want water drops on your silk. Water drops will turn into stains on your kimono.

- Steamers come in a wide variety of styles and looks, find what works for you. I use a handheld steamer.

- Steamers can use tap or distilled water. Be aware of what kind of water your steamer uses. I prefer to use a handheld steamer that can use tap water.

- Look for a steamer that has an interchangeable head, which includes a lint brush velvet cover. I use the lint brush style and love it. As you steam you are also helping to brush away any subtle loose fibers on the surface.

- If you have never steamed clothing before, practice on some clothing like a cotton shirt.

- Organics and synthetic materials will behave differently, in my experience organic fibers respond well to steaming.

- Seams that need to be reset will benefit from careful ironing to reset and press the seam into its more crisp structure. I have found that steams is not good for creating clean sharp pressed seams and creases in garments.

- When in doubt, google something. There is a lot of well-researched and written information online about the care of different kinds of textiles. Japanese kimono are no different than any other garment, they too need cleaning and care.