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Vintage & Antique Haori Restock

Things have been exceptionally busy with a series of shows as of late. Now with the in person shows slowing down, we can return our focus to adding new inventory to the online Japanese kimono store! At the moment we are working on listing lots of new vintage and antique haori to the site that are perfect for spring, and autumn attire. A few of the haori are antiques from the taisho era, and are ready for a home to love them.

Also being worked on this week is a great selection of gently used vintage yukata there are perfect for any Japanese street festival, or anime convention. Yukata are the lightweight informal kimono most often worn to party settings. In terms of learning how to wear a kimono, yukata are among the most simple to learn how to wear and require the least amount of additional accessories to wear in a traditional manner. For anyone new to wearing Japanese kimono, we highly recommend trying your hand first at haori or yukata.

Shop our vintage haori online.

Shop our vintage yukata online.


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