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Vintage Haori & Juban Restock This Week

Vintage haori lovers celebrate! We added a fine selection of vintage haori to the site, and are happy to keep working through our restock this week while getting orders quickly mailed. If you are ordering any kimono for Halloween be certain to get in your order soon, as there are only a few shipping days left until Halloween. Placing your kimono orders in advance ensures that your order will be there before any special events or holidays such as Christmas.

Vintage haori are a popular choice for holiday gifts, and also make for a delightful addition to your autumn wardrobe lineup. Best of all, most of our haori are unique and are not mass-produced fast fashion. Wearing one of our haori you can feel confident in knowing that you are making a unique statement that no one else can.

Our juban are selling out as fast as we can list them, and a handful of nice lightweight cotton and silk juban were added to the women's juban selection of the online kimono store. Juban are most typically worn under the kimono, however, a number of people collect and wear them as lounge attire.

Keep in mind juban are a core part of traditional kimono fashion. Kimono are worn in layers, and the juban serves an important role in protecting your kimono from the natural oil and sweat on your body. The juban stocked are ready to have a haneri attached, and will make a nice addition to anyone's kimono collection.

The holidays are coming up, and we will be working on expanding a lot of our collection. That said, online sales globally are at an all-time high as many people are now exclusively shopping online. There are times that items we restock sell out completely within hours of listing. As such, we are going to begin pushing more and more restocks are the holidays approach.

For the holidays we advise the sooner you order the better. November and December are our busiest months for online shopping. On Black Friday we do 2+ months of sales in just one day. So, if you have holiday plans we are happy to help, just get in your kimono orders early :)


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