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Workshop: Hanhaba Obi Tying - March 15th

Yukata season is almost here, which means now is the perfect time to work on some new styles of wearing and tying your hanhaba obi. Hanhaba obi are informal types of obi, which are most often paired with yukata. Their informal nature lends well to allowing for creative styles, and innovation. There are countless ways you can tie hanhaba obi, and in this FREE workshop, you will learn several. This virtual workshop will be taught by the amazing Traeonna, who is studying to become a traditional kimono dressing instructor.

  • Date: March 15, 2021

  • Time: 7pm - 9pm EST

  • Zoom Meeting ID: 846 4444 8995

  • Required To Practice: Hanhaba Obi (any Hoso Obi will be fine including Kobukuro Obi)

  • Suggested Accessories: Obi Clips (1-3, substitutes: chip clips, clothespins), Himo (1-2)

  • Optional Accessories: Obi-ita, Sanju/Yonju-himo, Obi-jime, Obi-age, Obi-Kazari

Hanhaba obi are ideal obi for beginner and advanced kimono dressing alike. One of the great things about hanhaba obi is that they do not require as many accessories as more formal obi types. Typically the only accessory people use with hanhaba obi are obi-ita. While attending the class you don't have to participate and you can observe, everyone is welcome to take part and practice. We have in stock a great selection of vintage and new hanhaba obi in stock, and if ordered in time will be at your house in time for this workshop. Check out our hanhaba obi:


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