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Yukata - Restock May 5th

True to our long-standing mission of updating our kimono store weekly we are excited to let everyone know that we have finished restocking our online collection of Japanese kimono, including vintage kimono, yukata, and kitsuke accessories. This news should be exciting for kimono enthusiasts around the world and the USA, who have been eagerly waiting for new additions to their collections. With Cherry Blossom Festivals being celebrated nationwide, and a season of festivals coming up this is the perfect time to grab a new yukata or hanhaba obi for your collection.

Several of the kimono added to our store this week are exceptions, one of which is a unique design the like of which we have never seen before on any kimono anywhere. Among the yukata restock selection is one that features black and gold griffons with crowns and crosses. This unique gem of a yukata is unlike anything else we have ever seen and certainly plays into a Japanese gothic aesthetic.

Yukata - Vintage & New

OUr weekly restocking of Japanese kimono, including vintage kimono, yukata, and kitsuke accessories, is the perfect chance to be the first to own a unique addition to your kimono collection. These traditional kimono are not only beautiful and elegant but also serve as an important part of Japanese culture and tradition. Whether worn for special occasions or simply collected for their beauty, kimono is sure to remain a beloved part of fashion and culture for years to come.


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