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Save The Kimono: New York Fashion Week

A group of artists, and kimono lovers plan on bringing Kimono to New York Fashion week in an effort to save the industry and raise awareness. However, this is a very expensive project, and it needs YOUR support and help. Please consider donating to this effort. Ohio Kimono has donated to, and supports this project.

What type of show are we planing?

We will present a Kimono Fashion Show on one of the standard venues and settings of New York Fashion Week. We will produce a competitive catwalk fashion show as an official attendee of New York Fashion Week and make competitive media exposure to the other brands. We will show the authentic outfits of kimonos, made by artisans of Kimono Artisan Kyoto, using professional models from all over the world. Hiromi Asai will totally produce the show, and select / coordinate all the outfits.

What is the aims of our challenge?

Kimono is a Japanese garment with many unique features. Though many people in the world know the word “Kimono”, most people don’t know what really kimono is and how beautiful kimono is. Hiromi always thinks that kimono will be recognized as a universal formal wear that is beyond cultural and ethnic boundaries.

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