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See you at KatsuCon!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I am off on the road to KatsuCon and will see you there! To better help you locate me, here is a map of the vendor room. With us will be a lovely selection of authentic Japanese kimono that were directly imported from Japan. Additionally some of our top sellers will be travelling with us to this east coast show such as a selection of fine silk haori, tabi socks, geta for men and women, as well as hand-made kanzashi.

Most of our stock is in great ready to wear condition, and we will be happy to help you dress in your kimono in a way that respects traditional Japanese culture. KatsuCon is our first time on the east coast, as normally our travelling kimono boutique sticks to the midwest.

KatsuCon is a once a year anime convention that is hosted in National Harbor, MD. This will be our first time selling in Maryland are we could not be more excited. So if you need help with your obi, got questions about a juban, need a haori to hold off the cold, or even are looking for a new yukata to wear to the DC Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival we can help!

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