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Introduction: Urushi Fabric & Designs

What is urushi? Within the context of Japanese textiles it is a technique used to decorate kimono, haori, and more. This decorative technique is not to be confused with Japanese lacquerware. Though the name refers to the fact that many of the threads are lacquer coated, and come in a vriety of colors.

Over the years we most commonly have seen this technique used to decorate the backs of haori. Within the woven style there commonly are metallic threads to give the design pop and to play in the light. Typically this stylish woven artistic statement is found on women's attire. Another technique used to produce designs in Japanese textiles such as kimono is called rinzu, however rinzu tends to be a subtle over all pattern. The Japanese rinzu is better understood as the western Jacquard. We have a lovely selection of authentic urushi kimono, and women's haori in stock at this time. Each piece is a lovely work of art, ideal for wearing or displaying in a private collection.

Black Women's Haori Shishi

Pink Silk Women's Haori - Urushi

Silk Women's Haori - Urushi

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