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She painted her own Japanese kimono...

Custom Japanese Kimono

We recently received a really cool email and several photos from a customer of ours, and we wanted to share it with you all. "Good Morning, Ohio Kimono! Thank you so much for the wonderful garments and accessories you sent to me recently. I made a kimono for a runway show, and the orange juban, the navy geta and the white tabi socks set it off perfectly. My kimono was designed for a show that featured garments made with recycled materials. I made mine with my old paint pants, discarded canvas, a drop cloth and various costume and upholstery fabrics. I also hand painted parts of the design which was inspired by Japanese woodblock prints. I am including photos of my kimono so you can see how much your beautiful merchandise contributed to the success of my ensemble.Thank you again. I will recommend your store to everyone!"

The amazing kimono in these photos is her own marvelous work of art! When we asked her about what sources she drew artistic inspiration from for her kimono creation she responded with, "The woodblock prints I used as inspiration for my design were made by Katsushika Hokusai who created The Great Wave and the warrior faces were from a woodblock print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi."

This customer also shared with us a review about her shopping experience with us, here is what she wrote: "I was so delighted with my recent purchases from Ohio Kimono. I needed a juban, geta and tabi socks to wear as part of an ensemble for an event. There were so many wonderful choices available on the website, which was easy to navigate. The photos were very true to the items received, and the descriptions were detailed and explained everything I needed to know to make a decision. The juban is an antique item, so it was explained that there were two small marks in the fabric. I was reassured that the marks would not really affect the appearance of the garment, and when it arrived, I was overwhelmingly pleased. The juban was beautiful and in wonderful condition and completely lived up to the details given. The geta and socks are excellent quality and I looked complete for my event. Everything arrived quickly and the prices are very reasonable. The website is very informative about the wearing and traditions of kimono which really helped as I had never worn a kimono before. I look forward to doing business with Ohio Kimono again!"

Credits: Photos by Alexis Marshal

Designer: Alicia Irick Cohen

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