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Kimono Christmas Shipping Countdown

Japanese Kimono Christmas Gift

This holiday season we are happily helping many of our customers celebrate the holiday season! Our site has been rather busy as people shop for some of the most unique gifts anyone can buy this year. We have even shipped out a few Secret Santa orders! Most popular this year has been our Japanese kimono, and obi by far. All the same we do have lower cost items for sale such as tabi socks, and the Halloween Pepsi for sale which have equally been as popular this year. We ship from our NW Ohio location, and use the USPS. All of our orders include a tracking code when mailed. Most orders arrive quickly within a few business days. You will want to get in your orders soon however to make certain that your gift arrives in time for the holiday season. Here is our shipping schedule. Only 14 days left to get your order in time for Christmas without paying for rush handling and shipping! We can also include a personal hand written holiday card to for a special someone :)

  • Dec 18th - Last day to order and arrive for Christmas.

  • Dec 20th - Last day to order for rush handling and shipping orders.

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