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New Haneri!

A lovely selection of new haneri were just added to our online store! Many of these brand new haneri are made from fabric sold exclusively in Japan, and are made by Japanese companies. The new haneri include designs that feature Alice In Wonderland and even playful black cats. Haneri are a quick and easy kimono accessory that is a collar you wear attached to your juban, with an eri shin slid under it to give your collar a nice stiff look. As of this week we also have eri shin in stock! You can find our haneri located in 2 section of our online Japanese kimono store: kimono accessories or the juban page. Our next show is Animarathon which is hosted in Bowling Green, Ohio! At this show we will be teaching a kimono dressing class which will focus on kimono, juban, and nagoya obi. See you there!


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