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Imperial Kimono Dressing Guide: Book Review

Presenting the newest book in our private kimono reference collection, 'Twelve Simple Story...Modern Imperial Dress' by Sengoku Ishihisa. Pages 263. This book a is a detailed 'how to' dress in the style of imperial clothing, though modern it heavily is stylized after the ancient courts. This book is written in Japanese, without any english. There are a wide variety of detailed full color photos in this book that show various dressing processes in a step-by-step manner. This type of attire is normally reserved for highly formal functions, such as those within the Imperial court. However there are many historical reenactors who also dress in this manner.

The women's attire shown is known as a jūnihitoe (十二単), which is most commonly associated with women of the Japanese imperial court in the Heian period. The attire featured in this book are not to be confused with modern Japanese kimono.

From: ISBN4-89231-021-2

The photos attached to this post are for review purposes only and are presented in no specific order.

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