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Our Favorite Kimono From 2018

The New Year is almost here, during this time there is a lot of self reflection to be done. We like to look back through the year and reflect on the beauty and good of the world. One of our favorite things to do is create a list of our top favorite Japanese kimono we sold. As many of you understand most authentic kimono are one of a kind, and are vintage or antique. The traditional techniques used to decorate some of our favorite traditional kimono include meisen, and yuzen. You'll notice a lack of formal women's Japanese kimono such as furisode, and houmongi from this list as well as haori. Don't worry we will do a seperate post for our favorite formal kimono and haori later on! Here is our top 5 favorite casual women's kimono from 2018.

#1 - Antique Silk Kimono featuring arrows and plum blossoms.

#2 Retro Arrow Kimono.