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KimoNovember Challenge 2019

Starting Nov 1st we are celebrating #KimoNovember! This annual event was started 5 years ago by Tallulah Cunningham and has become a global kimono trend! The challenge is simple, wear your kimono once a day or do something related to a kimono coordination once a day. You don't even have to wear the coordination, just lay it out and take a photo of it laid out on a clean surface then post it onto any social media you prefer, or our own blogs! This is the perfect chance to share your passion for traditional Japanese kimono with the global kimono community! When you share your kimono coordination on social media be certain to use the #KimoNovember hashtag to help other kimono enthusiast find you! Throughout the month you can expect us to build and share a variety of different traditional kimono outfits. What if you can't do a kimono outfit everyday? It's okay, there is no penalty for missing days. The point of this challenge is to have fun, so don't worry about doing something every day. W promise, it's okay to miss a few days or even weeks. The point is to make an attempt when you have the time, and to have fun with your kimono collection. What if you are missing parts for a proper coordination like an obiage or obijime? It's okay! While it is encouraged that the kimono outfits you share include all the main aspects of the outfit, it is not required. Everyone understands that you may still be collecting parts. If you need items like an obijime, obiage, obidome, or more? We have you covered! Check out our online kimono store to pick up the perfect accents your missing for your kimono.

What if I build an outfit with lots of stuff I bought from Ohio Kimono? Guess what, WE WANT TO FEATURE YOU! When you share your photos tag them with #KimonoNovember AND #OhioKimono ! We will collect photos from our customers and share them our social media, and even feature them on this blog! We want to see our customers have fun, and shine a spot light on them <3 Can I email you my KimoNovember photos to feature? YES! Please! You can email your clear family friendly photos featuring our products to Do the kimono outfits we send to Ohio Kimono have to have ONLY Ohio Kimono products? Nope! We just ask that the outfit include at least 2 parts from us that are visible. So like an obijime, obi, obidome, etc all count. It need not always be the kimono in the photo, though we would love to see kimono from us <3

Do the kimono outfits and their parts have to be authentic? It is requested that the kimono outfits created be authentic and not feature things like un-authentic Chinese halloween costumes. Authenticity matters.

Most of all, have fun. Perfection is not expected, or demanded. We can't wait to see what you guys create, and want to be there cheering you on!

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