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Disney Villain Furisode!

Stop what you are doing, and just look at these amazing new designs that have recently come out of Disney's kimono collection! Just in time for Halloween is an amazing selection of elegant furisode that celebrate some of the most iconic villains that Disney have ever created. Over the years Ohio Kimono has had in stock a selection of official Disney yukata sets, but we have never managed to get our hands on the likes of the Disney Furisode. These stunning kimono sets make such a beautiful statement. There are of course Disney Princess Furisode, but we really wanted to focus on the Disney Villian kimono first.

This is the Evil Queen from Snow White Furisode Set by Disney.

Up next is the Maleficent set, which in every detail is just so on point.

Last but not least, is Cruella De Vil!

You can see more about this wonderful Disney exclusive lineup for furisode online here: For all you Disney Princess fans, don't worry we will do a post dedicated to the Disney Princess furisode and kimono line soon! Sadly, we are unable to offer these kimono for sale, however the link provided is where you can purchase them from.


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