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Ikebana Displays @ Hinamatsuri 2023 Detroit Institue Of Arts

On March 5th, 2023 Hinamatsuri returned to the Detroit Institue Of Arts. This annual cultural festival centers on the celebration of daughters and is also known as Girl's Day in Japan. Hinamatsuri at the art museum included a wide range of Japanese cultural displays, which focused on traditional arts from Japan. Among the many stations and displays was a wonderful selection of flower arrangements created by various artists in the Ikebana International Detroit Chapter 85.

So what is Ikebana? To put it simply, it is the art of tastefully arranging and presenting flowers and other botanical natural elements. The Ikebana International Detroit Chapter 85 hosts monthly meetings and has options to join and take lessons through their club. Ikebana International was founded in Japan in 1956, and today is found in over 50 countries with over 8,000 members globally.

For the Hinamatsuri the various arrangements the club members created were exceptional. Many of these arrangements incorporated more advanced techniques, and some whimsical and wonderful elements. One of my own favorite elements included in one of the arrangements is a small bird's nest, which I feel is a fitting addition for a flower arrangement for Hinamatsuri.

A number of the arrangements also made use of flowers commonly found in Japanese design, and even on Japanese kimono. While you look at the gallery of the arrangements that were put on display for Hinamatsuri, do you recognize any of the flowers or botanical elements used, and do you have any kimono, haori, or obi that include those flowers?

Ikebana International Detroit Chapter 85, Hinamatsuri 2023

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