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See you at the Kimono Exhibit @ The MET July 8th!

Thre is an exception exhibit currently on display at the MET in New York! If you happen to be in the area we highly recommend visiting: Kimono Style: The John C. Weber Collection. Not only is this an exceptional opportunity to check out a dazzling collection of authentic Japanese kimono, but it is the perfect excuse to put on your own kimono and wear it! Kimono Exhibit Details:

Dates: June 7th, 2022 to Feb 20, 2023 Where: The MET on fifth Avenue, New York City We are so excited for this exhibit, that we decided to head to New York and check it out! This week, watch our Facebook stream for live social media streams as we share the exhibit with our customers! On July 8th we will be visiting the MET and plan on getting photos, live streaming, and writing a review for our customers! If you cannot make it to the MET for this exhibit yourself, you will want to keep an eye on our social media! There will also be a blog post later with highlights and educational treasures from this exhibit. Kimono Exhibit Live Stream On Facebook: Due to travel for this exhibit, we will be under a shipping delay from July 6th to the 11th. During that time be certain to watch our social media as we share delightful highlights from this exceptional kimono exhibit. If you happen to live in New York, and have been wanting to check this exhibit out? We will be there on July 8th and will be on the lookout for any potential customers who are there wearing kimono purchased from us. We have many customers who live in New York and the nearby cities.

See you at the live stream, or even better at the MET exhibit Kimono Style: The John C. Weber Collection!


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