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Kimono Restock - Nov 15, 2022

We are working on restocking our online kimono store this week! A part of our restock push is in preparation for our big annual Black Friday sale! Every year we celebrate the holiday season with a Black Friday sale, which is our largest sale of the year. This week we are expanding our selection of authentic Japanese kimono in a range of formalities such as furisode, and yukata as well as our obi ranging from hanhaba and kaku obi to nagoya obi. There is a great selection of kimono treasures to be added to the site, so get ready to shop! As always, most of our inventory is one of a time. So if there is something in stock that you -love- be certain to grab it right away instead of waiting for our annual sale. Because once a kimono is sold, it is gone forever from our store.

For the holidays we remind you all to please shop early. As a small business the holidays can get very overwhelming very quickly, and though we work hard to stay atop of the shipping speeds delays are possible. For holiday shopping, shop early! As usual we offer shipping upgrades at check out for any rush orders.

All week we will be restocking the store in waves, so watch for lots of new haori, juban, obi, kimono, and more! Check out our latest casual kimono!


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