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Kimono Restock: Yukata & Hanhaba Obi

June was an exceptionally busy month for us here at Ohio Kimono! The Ohio Kimono Mini-Matsuri was an overwhelming success with well over 120 customers coming out! Customers were able to stop in person at our Japanese kimono warehouse, and even attend kimono dressing lessons in person for FREE! That said, we have almost finished re-organizing the kimono warehouse and are back to focusing our work on the online kimono store. This week we added to the site a number of vintage yukata in ready-to-wear condition, which are all directly imported from Japan. What yukata is perfect without a complimenting and matching hanhaba obi? A variety of hanhaba obi were listed on the site this week, including some plus-size ones!

Currently, there are over 80 hanhaba obi in stock on the site, and 70+ yukata on the site!

Don't forget that most of thee are one of a kind, and when they sell out they are gone forever.

We are working on finishing up the last of our back due shipping, which was delayed due to the combination of the open house, show, and sickness. Back due orders will get shipping upgrades at no extra cost.


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