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Kimono Workshops At Ohayocon 2023

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Are you coming to Ohayocon in Columbus Ohio this weekend? When you are done stopping by our booth, be certain to check out this amazing assortment of kimono-dressing educational workshops full of practical and helpful information hosted by our friends at Columbus Kimono. Anyone new to wearing kimono will find many of these panels to be extremely useful, and in particular, we are excited to see a workshop dedicated to Plus Size Kimono dressings!

At two of these panels, we will be providing a free haori to be raffled away to panel attendees!


  • NOON - Kimono for Plus Sizes; noon in panel room 6.

  • 1PM - Kimono Advanced; Furisode 1:00 PM in panel room 3.

  • 4PM - Introduction to the Japanese Tea Ceremony in panel room 1.


  • 1PM - Exploring Traditional Japanese Dance in the Garfield workshop space.

  • 2PM to 5PM, visit us in the Yuki Matsuri room (Champaign) for our kimono photo booth.

  • 7:30PM Kimono Basics in panel room 4.

If you catch Columbus Kimono on the convention floor, they are known for being friendly and eager to help anyone with kimono-dressing questions!

Hope to see you at Ohayocon 2023!

Ohio Kimono - Ohayocon
Ohio Kimono - Ohayocon


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