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Did you see the factory direct cat hanhaba obi we recently had in stock? These delightful obi are longer than most obi and are directly imported from Japan. Each design is double-sided, longer than average obi, and made from an easy to care for synthetic material. Hanhaba obi are considered an informal type of obi commonly worn with yukata, and very casual everyday traditional kimono in Japan.

When we first listed these hanhaba obi in our online kimono store they sold out immediately! We then did a rather successful pre-order! Now, we have the last of the obi back up for sale for anyone who missed out on the pre-order and would lovely to claim one of these adorable cat hanhaba obi for themselves. These are the last of this style of obi we will be ordering in for a while. In the coming week we will be getting in all-new factory direct hanhaba obi with new designs and wonderful styles for you all to enjoy. In the meantime, grab one of these adorable cat obi before it's too late! Check out our hanhaba obi here:

If you loved these designs, be certain to watch for the next upcoming pre-order for hanhaba obi! By securing a factory-direct line to the manufacturers of these adorable brand new obi, we can import them with speed and offer them to our customers with ease. Even better, because our kimono store is based in the USA, all orders shipped to the USA will arrive much more quickly, and cheaper than those arriving from Japan.

Be certain to watch for the next selection of hanhaba obi coming up next, and grab these before they are sold out for good!


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