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Last Second Kimono Gift Ideas!

Oh no! The holidays are almost over and you might be looking for a great gift to give someone, or even yourself, this holiday season! What do you get?! More so, what can you get without worrying about sizes, and fit. After all, kimono have specific sizing for wearing them in a traditional way. Now if you want to gift a kimono as fabulous loungewear, we recommend silk. However, this gift list is tailored more toward people who enjoy wearing kimono in a traditional manner that is respectful of Japanese culture.

Here are our top 5 easy gifts to give to anyone who loves kimono that won't require any special sizing.

#1 - Obijime! These delightful kimono dressing accessories have so many great applications. Speaking as someone who has worn kimono for nearing 20 years obijime are just a great accent to any collection of kimono. These fabulous accessories are often overlooked in kimono collecting by beginners, but quickly become favorites as more collectors advance their collections.

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#2 - Fans! Kimono are worn in layers, and having a folding hand fan with you while wearing a kimono is not only stylish but very practical. There are many types of fans that are popular throughout Japanese culture and history. Anyone who wears kimono will want to have a fan with them, especially in the warmer months during which a lot of people are wearing yukata to outdoor street festivals.

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