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FREE Lecture: Kimono Foundations: Piece by Piece - Virtual

Looking for a wonderful way to pass your time this winter? Check out this FREE virtual class that will be hosted on Zoom! This beginner-friendly virtual class will discuss many introductory concepts such as the various dressing accessories for kimono, types of kimono, and will include demonstrations of the techniques on how to dress yourself in a traditional Japanese kimono.

The official description on the Facebook event page for this wonderful class is encouraging, and we hope will inspire you to join us. "An informative overview covering how to tell the difference between authentic and inauthentic kimono, kimono and obi formality and types, kimono accessories, what goes on underneath, and tools to help you get dressed. Includes a discussion about the differences between all the layers that are worn with kimono versus yukata followed by Q&A."

Do you need some kimono dressing accessories yourself? From obi-ita to him we have a great selection of brand new dressing tools for your own collection:

If you do not own a kimono, you are still welcome to attend the virtual class. Traeonna has years of experience as an instructor and is eager to help everyone feel comfortable with wearing a kimono. We suggest heading over to her Instagram page to get a sense of her wonderful kimono dressing style which often firmly follows Japanese traditions, to sometimes even varies off into more modern blended styles that would be fashion on the street of New York to Tokyo.


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