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NEW: Cat Hanhaba Obi - LARGE Sizes

One of the newest business developments for us was the ability to connect with a factory that makes authentic kimono, and obi. We are now able to order in factory direct brand new obi, and kimono. Our first order arrived today, and we can't wait to show you what arrived. Our first order to test customer interest was made up of all BRAND NEW women's hanhaba obi, which are a larger size featuring...CATS!

Right now in stock is a selection of cat hanhaba obi, ready to ship and be at your door in just a few days. With a purchase of $75 or more your shipping is free. If you are a cat lover these obi are going to be a must have, and will be the purrrrrrrrrrr-fect way to show love for your feline companions.

These hanhaba obi are polyester, making them easier to clean and care for and even possible to carefully machine wash. Some of these obi are as wide as 6.5 inches, and as long as 159 inches / 403.86 cm - which are large enough to meet the needs of many of our American customers. check out the obi:

We will be ordering in these adorable obi on a limited basis, and so when they are in stock we encourage you to get them while you still can.

If you are on the hunt for brand new, factory direct hanhaba obi be certain to watch for our obi in the coming weeks as more designs and styles are being ordered. There is rather large catalog of styles to choose from, and the factory is excited to have their first-ever customer located in the USA.

Love these obi and want to see more? Support us, and send us feedback. We list to what you want, and are excited to offer beautiful authentic kimono and obi.


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