Ohio Kimono Restock - Jan 21, 2021

We are busy preparing for Ohayocon 2021! In addition to hosting online classes, we will be hosting live 1 on 1 shopping during the virtual convention. For select periods of time during the online con you can join discord and sit and talk with us and discuss Japanese kimono. As a part of the preparation for this coming weekend we are working hard on doing lots of restock and are focusing on common items popular and easy to wear for people new to wearing kimono. In particular, a lot of hanhaba obi and nagoya obi have been restocked this week, and many haori and yukata are in the works as well.

To learn more about the FREE virtual event this weekend visit: https://www.ohiokimono.com/post/join-us-for-ohayocon-2021-online-free-admission or https://ohayocon.org/

Here is just a small sample of the vintage and brand new hanhaba obi added to the site this week. They range from brand new polyester hanhaba obi, to antique silk hanhaba obi. As usual, there is a full range of sizes and styles to meet your needs and tastes. Most of all, they are limited in stock and once they are sold out they are gone for good.

A nice selection of nagoya obi was also uploaded this week. Nagoya obi do require additional accessories such as a makura, obijime, and obiage to be worn traditionally.

Be certain to watch for additional restocks this week, and more products coming soon to our kimono store!

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Since 2009 we have been dedicated to sharing with others our passion for traditional kimono , haori , and kimono culture. Our main warehouse is located in Ohio, which means USA orders ship quickly and arrive in only a few business days. Much of our authentic stock comes from Kyoto, and Nagoya Japan. You can also visit our traveling Japanese kimono boutique in person.


We feel that Japanese kimono make an elegant statement that anyone can appreciate. The diverse selection of authentic silk kimono in stock are among the more prized textiles we offer, which make ideal gifts for wearing in a traditional manner, and also as opulent loungewear.

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