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Hanhaba Obi

Informal Obi For Yukata

Obi for Japanese kimono have their own formalities and can be worn in a wide variety of styles. Hanhaba obi are considered an informal kind of obi for kimono and are typically worn by women. These types of obi are worn with a kind of casual kimono known as a yukata, and require less kitsuke accessories to wear in a traditional fashion. Typically only an obi-ita which is a stiffener for the obi is required to wear one of these. Odori obi are the ones favored by performers, and commonly have metallic accents to them and bold designs.

Hanhaba Obi Accessories

Contrary to popular belief, an obi does not hold a kimono on a body. There are a number of kitsuke dressing accessories involved in wearing kimono and obi in a traditional manner. Hanhaba obi require the least amount of accessories for a traditional style and are favored as the starting obi for anyone new to dressing in a kimono. The only accessory recommended for this kind of obi are obi-ita, which are obi stiffeners that shive in between the obi and the belly. They keep the front of the oby nice and flat for a crisp, clean aesthetic.

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 Quick Guide To Women's Obi Formality

  • Hanhaba Obi = Informal

  • Tsuke obi = Informal / Casual

  • ​Nagoya Obi = Informal / Casual to Semi Formal / Formal

  • Fukuro Obi = Formal Obi

  • Maru Obi = Super formal Obi

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