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New Kimono Stock - Direct From Kyoto, Japan

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

My newest Japanese kimono shipment has arrived, and it is packed full of some elegant vintage kimono gems! As always, my selection comes from a family-owned business located in Kyoto, Japan. In this selection, I have another selection of antique handfans, new / gently used kimono, haori, obi, and more! Here are two sneak peek photos of the goodies, still in the box! Our online kimono store is in the works and we plan on selling kimono online in the future.

Everything is in great condition, near mint condition if not mint in my cases. I even have in some Taisho era kimono pieces! Check out the -real- shibori haori on the bottom right in lavender! Each of these beauties will soon be for sale either online at at our traveling kimono boutique. Our little Japanese kimono company started with educational lectures and is growing into something more.

Our shipments arrive several times throughout the year. When each arrives we are excited to open up each kimono box. Be certain to follow us on Facebook where we will even occasionally live stream our kimono unboxings!

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