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Now Selling: Obi-Age!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Now included in my shipments from Kyoto, Japan are new and gently used authentic silk obi-age in a variety of colors and styles! Prices will start at $20. Obiage are a kitsuke dressing accessory and are typically worn with a makura and obi. Obiage can come in a variety of colors, many different kinds of fabric, and features designs created with shibori. Obiage are a kimono dressing tool which are used to wrap a makura, when worn with obi. Additionally obi-age make for delightful and fashionable scarfs and boho inspired belts. Regardless of your need our selection of authentic obiage will delight.

Obiage For Japanese Kimono

Obi requires a variety of accessories to wear in a traditional style: makura, obiage, obijime, obi-ita, and more are all key players in making certain that obi such as nagoya, fukuro, and maru obi look tidy and elegant.

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