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Kimono For The Bride

Recently a bride and her mother approached me about buying Japanese kimono. They had approached other kimono dealers, and not found anything they likes on budget worthy of the wedding. So I went through my inventory with them, and found a kimono and haori for the big day. I just got some feedback from the bride and her mother about the kimono and haori. For this occasion, the bride did not want something like an uchikake and opted for a kimono.

"Omg Kimono Lady!!! The kimono are beautiful. My youngest was blown away and loves hers. It looks so lovely on her. I'm jealous of hers and want one now! Lol. Do you happen to have any black ones with white roses?? Ugh I wish we lived closer to each other. Shes promised me pictures. Ill share them when she does them. Thank you sooooo much!!"

Yay for saving the big day! :D They will send me wedding photos later.

Japanese Kimono

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