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Must See - Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style

Kimono Style

If you live in the southwest corner of Ohio we have news for you! The Cincinnati Art Museum just opened the exhibit 'Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style'. Ohio Kimono was a part of the opening night celebrations that also included a live taiko performance, and a sushi bar. For the exhibit we were invited by the art museum to host a kimono dressing lecture and presentation demonstrating the core basics of wearing a Japanese kimono in a culturally respectful way at 7pm and 9pm.

While both kimono pretensions were well attended, our first session was especially well attended. Among the people in the audiences were a selection of people wearing Japanese kimono, or even just a haori with a shirt and pants combo. Between the presentations we were actual to visit the limited time kimono exhibit, and we were DEEPLY impressed with the selection of attire on display. This exhibit explores modern fashion mingling with Japanese kimono.

Stepping into either of the two wings of the exhibit you are greeted by fashion new and old from world famous designs such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen. Some of the attire on display included dazzling Victorian era gowns made from Japanese kimono.

Admission to the museum is free, and admission to the exhibit is only $10 (for nonmembers)! Be certain to check out this exhibit while you still can!

Here are a few photos from the evening of our presentation, we hope you enjoy them and can attend the kimono exhibit! We highly encourage you all to dress up in a kimono and visit while dressed!

Kimono Style

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