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Want to shop for kimono in person? Visit us at Animarathon!

Do you want to shop for kimono in person? Do you want to actually try on the kimono before you buy them? Do you want to shop with us like you are in a store? WE CAN HELP!

Our next show is Animarathon, which is in Bowling Green Ohio!

Date: April 2 & 3, 2022 Website:

Pre-Reg admission is only $10 a person! This is a low-cost con that is a perfect chance to shop with our store!

We will have in stock at this show a wide variety of Japanese kimono for all ages and genders, as well as haori and obi! All of our inventory is in ready-to-wear condition, ideal for collecting as well. From yukata to furisode we will have a diverse lineup of kimono for sale at this show. We are excited to see you at Animarathon this April!


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