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Ohio Kimono Restock - Haori, March 23, 2021

Haori are moving hot this spring, and we are working hard to keep up with customer demand for these beautiful coats. Not only are haori an elegant timeless addition to any wardrobe, they are easy to wear and require not fancy skills or extra parts to wear. Haori feature the beautiful sleeves of a kimono, while still retaining a coat style format. Our haori come in a wide variety of styles and colors, much of which pay tribute to traditional Japanese motifs and decorative themes.

Included in our haori lineup are a number of Taisho era silk antique haori. Even better these taisho era antique haori are in wonderful ready-to-wear condition, some of them are even flawless and recently professionally cleaned. Taisho-era antique haori and kimono are exceptionally popular among collectors, and we know these rare gems will sell out FAST.

Additionally, we listed a nice selection of gently used vintage datejime at a discounted price, added vintage himo to the site, listed a number of to iromuji, and even just added a great selection of shigoki, which are another throwback to taisho era Japanese kimono styling.

Be certain to check out our latest additions to the site, and remembered that once we sell out of many of our products we won't get them in ever again. Japanese kimono and haori make for unique fashionable statements that only you will own and enjoy. Unlike modern mass-produced clothing, Japanese kimono and haori tend to be extremely limited and even often 1 of a kind.

If your a fan of Taisho era kimono, be certain to check to our limited selection of silk shigoki.

Happy spring, rock out your favorite kimono and haori with style! Most of all, don't forget to stop and enjoy the cherry blossoms.


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