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Unique Yukata - Weekly Restock

We are working our weekly kimono, haori, and obi restock in addition to doing additional listings beyond our weekly 20 to try and catch up from our downtime earlier this year. Lots of orders are being packed up weekly as we work hard on getting caught up. This weeks restock includes a rather exceptional yukata, the likes of which we have never seen before. When you see as many kimono and yukata as we do, its not ever often that a yukata will cross our paths that will make us stop and really go "whow". This week however our restock included this exceptional women's mint-colored yukata which was decorated with shooting stars and....human eyes.

Some of our previous more unique yukata includes magical sets officially created by and released by Disney, adorable cat themed yukata, and even a handful of officially licenses branded content such as Hello Kitty, and even one My Neighbor Totoro yukata. Due to the casual and more modern embrace of yukata, there tends to be greater diversity in the styles and designs that can be found on them. More formal kimono are generally regarded as needing to conform to more traditional styles, while the informal party nature of the yukata lends well to experimentation and even pop culture references.

As you can imagine this unique yukata sold almost instantly and was listed on our sit less than 10 mins before it was sold. Tragically, it is unlikely that we will ever get another yukata like this one again, though we can certainly hope to see more like it. when we unboxed the yukata shipment that this particular kimono arrived in from Japan we were a bit confused at first and wondered if we were seeing things wrong. Was it really a yukata decorated with shooting stars and eyes? Upon consideration and further reflection, we decided that it was in fact a yukata decorated with human eyes.

yukata mint colored
yukata mint colored

Seriously, in all our years we have never seen a yukata as unique and bizarre a theme as this one. The mind and white color of this yukata make it flexible for color pairing, and we considered pink, purple, and blue to be among some of the more interesting color combinations you could experiment with when pairing a hanhaba obi and other yukata accessories with this unique gem. What color combinations do you think would look good with a yukata with this wild of a design?

yukata mint colored with shooting stars and eyes
yukata mint colored with shooting stars and eyes

The rest of our weekly restock includes a delightful selection of ready to wear yukata that were directly imported from Japan. Many of the yukata are in more traditional dark blue with flower design styles that will better observe more traditional tastes and styles than a mint yukata with eyeballs. There is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to do a few things: increase the overall speed of the website, pack up back due orders, and catch the online inventory up.

Stay safe out there, and remember to check back weekly for our latest authentic kimono. Most designs are limited, and sell out fast.


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