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Announcing: Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Ohio Kimono is excited to announce that we have just been confirmed and accepted at the Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival in New York. We are among the first-ever vendors that will be attending this outstanding festival. The Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival offers among some of the best cherry blossom viewing options in all of the USA. We are excited to offer a selection of fine authentic Japanese kimono, haori, obi and more for sale at this Cherry Blossom Festival.

At the festival, we will have with us a fine selection of authentic vintage Japanese kimono, obi, haori, and more. Our selection of Japanese kimono will feature a blend of a variety of formalities and styles such as informal yukata, casual kimono, and even more formal kimono such as tomesode and furisode. This is our first time ever in New York state, and also our first time in Buffalo New York. For our Canadian customers, we will be close to the border and this is a great chance for you to stop by.

Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival

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