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What Are Onsen Kimono?

When most people think of casual and informal kimono they tend to think of yukata and edo komon kimono. While there are many kinds of informal Japanese kimono that one can wear and own, there is one kimono in particular that is the least informal of all the kimono: onsen kimono. These kinds of kimono were commonly worn to bath houses, and in other very casual settings. These kinds of kimono are not normally worn in public settings that way you might otherwise wear a kimono. Onsen kimono make for the ideal bathrobe to lounge around the house in. They are commonly made of a simple cotton print, and the soft to the touch. These kimono are easy to care for, and forgiving if water gets on them. We now have a fine selection of gently used onsen kimono for sale in our online kimono store in the yukata category. Here is a sneak peek of a few of our onsen kimono for sale.

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