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Halloween Kimono Collars

We do not know about you, but Halloween is easily our favorite time of the year. That said there is a distinct lack of Halloween, or otherwise gothic, attire easily found within the wide world of Japanese kimono fashion. We are delighted to share with you that we have a limited run of new gothic, and spooky haneri! In stock are 4 distinct designs which will add a little pop of gothic or Halloween flair to any of your kimono coordinations. Each of these haneri are made from an easy to care for cotton which can be machine washed. Haneri are a decorative collar that is sewn onto a juban, and creates a sleeve for an erishin to slide into. Juban are worn under kimono with the collar visible under the kimono. Haneri are meant to be interchangeable, and can be sewn on by hand by even beginners new to sewing.

gothic halloween kimono
gothic halloween kimono

Our online kimono store is full of unique and wonderful traditional kimono from Japan.

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